DIVISION MEMORANDUM (Functional Division)

DM_OSDS-2024-015 - National Expenditure Program (NEP) 2025Download
DM_OSDS-2024-014 - Comparative Assessment of Applicants for the Various Non-Teaching PositionDownload
DM_OSDS-2024-013 - Unified Reporting System- Submission Status Report CY 2024Download
DM_SGOD-2024-020 - 2024 International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking CelebrationDownload
DM_OSDS-2024-011 - Processing of Request for Corrections of Entries in School Records Pursuant to DepEd Citizen's Charter 2022 (1st Edition)Download
DM_SGOD-2024-019 - SGC Functionality Assessment Using the Revised Tool from the Central OfficeDownload
DM_SGOD-2024-018 - Dissemination of the Regional Memorandum No. 311, s. 2024 Titled "Call for the Participation on the Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Booth Camp: Workshop on M365 AI Tools and Learning Accelerators for DepEd LearnersDownload
DM_OSDS-2024-009 - Comparative Assessmen of Teacher I Applicants for SY 2024-2025 Based on ETE and LTE RatingDownload
DM_CID-2024-009 - Planning Meeting and Orientation of the Additional Trainers on the MATATAG CurriculumDownload LinkDownload
DM_CID-2024-008 - Change of the Schedule of the Evaluation of the Best School PapersDownload
DM_SGOD-2024-016 - Dissemination of Survey on Private Schools Profiling and Other MattersDownload
DM_SGOD-2024-015 - Official List of Entries on the 2024 Dinamulag Festival Drum and Lyre Corps CompetitionDownload
DM_CID-2024-007 - Search for Best School PaperDownload
DM_OSDS-2024-008 - Comparative Assessment of Applicants for the Vacant Accountant I and Nurse II Positions of Zambales National High SchoolDownload
DM_OSDS-2024-007 - Submission of Funding Requirements for CY 2024 Terminal Leave Benefits and Loyalty PayDownload
DM_OSDS-2024-006 - Payment of Salary Adjustments of Implemented ERFs, MTs and Reclassification of Positions in CY 2023Download
DM_OSDS-2024-005 - Comparative Assessment of Applicants for the Vacant Education Program Supervisor PositionsDownload
DM_SGOD-2024-014 - Division Screening and Accreditation Committee Members Orientation and Capacity Building for Central Luzon Regional Athletic Association Meet 2024 QualifiersDownload
DM_SGOD-2024-013 - DepEd-PNP Women's Volleyball GameDownload
DM_SGOD-2024-012 - Distribution of Emergency Supplies and EquipmentDownload
DM_SGOD-2024-011 - Dissemination of Provincial Athletic Meet Evaluation SurveyDownload
DM_SGOD-2024-010 - Division Screening and Accreditation Committee Members' Orientation and Capacity BuildingDownload
DM_SGOD-2024-009 - Planning cum Consultative Meeting in Preparation for the Zambales Provincial Meet to be held on February 19, 2024Download
DM_CID-2024-003 - Schools Division Planning Meeting on Training-Workshop titled "Elevating Cognitive Skills: Integrating Higher Order Thinking Skills Professional Learning Packages (HOTS-PLPs) in Mathematics, Science, and English Education"Download
DM_OSDS-2024-003 - Designation of Mdm. Ilynne S. Samonte CESE as the Chairperson of the Bids and Awards Committee of the Schools Division of ZambalesDownload
DM_CID-2024-002 - Conduct of Finalization of the DepEd Zambales Journal Volume XIDownload
DM_SGOD-2024-007 - Workshop cum Consultative Meeting with the Division Sports Tournament Managers and Public Schools District Supervisors/Coordinating PrincipalsDownload
DM_OSDS-2024-002 - Appointment of Mr. Charlie T. Carreon and Dr. Ronald Ryan L. Sion as the new Chief Education SupervisorsDownload
DM_SGOD-2024-006 - Dissemination of School Leadership and Management Effectiveness SurveyDownload
DM_SGOD-2024-005 - Dissemination of Online Feedback Survey on School-Based Feeding ProgramDownload
DM_SGOD-2024-004 - Microsoft Ambassadors (MYA) 2.0 Program Graduates for the School Year 2023-2024Download
DM_SGOD-2024-003 - Meeting with Participants of Regional Training Program for School Heads on Instructional Leadership and Management in Addressing Poverty (Module 1: Managing Varied Learning Assessments)Download
DM_SGOD-2024-002 - Cybersecurity and Future-Ready Skills in Minecraft Education 2024 Live WorkshopsDownload
DM_SGOD-2024-001 - Dissemination of Online Survey on Assessing Excellence: An Evaluation of School Caretaker PerformanceDownload
DM_OSDS-2024-001 - Appointment of Dr. Michelle Ablian-Mejica CESE as Assistant Schools Division Superintendent of the Schools Division of ZambalesDownload
DM_OSDS-2023-023 - Comparative Assessment of Applicants for the Vacant Chief Education Program Supervisor Positions (SGOD & CID)Download
DM_SGOD-2023-029 - Microsoft Youth Ambassadors (MYA) 2.0 Capstone Project ImplementationDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-028- Support to Comprehensive Sexuality education and Wash In Schools Program - Mainstreamin the OKY Philippines Period Trackers in SchoolsDownload
DM_CID-2023-024 - Regional Capacity Building of Program Implementers on the Implementation of the Madrasah Education ProgramDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-026 - Human Papilloma Virus VaccinationDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-025 - Coordination Meeting on Hosting Camp Kalikaunan in the Schools Division of ZambalesDownload
DM_CID-2023-023 - Consultative Meeting with Senior High School Curriculum CoordinatorsDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-023 - Submission of Municipal Learning Facilitators' DataDownload
DM_CID-2023-021 - Coordination Meeting on ALS Programs, Projects and ActivitiesDownload
DM_CID-2023-020 - Conduct of Online Focus Discussion (FGD) to Review the Gains and Challenges of the Interactive Learning Strategies for ALIVE and Araling Panlipunan TeachersDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-024 - Coordination Meeting on the Conduct of Regional Teacher's Day CelebrationDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-023 - Result of Inventory of 2023 Palaro MatressesDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-022 - Schedule of 2023 District World Teachers Day CelebrationDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-021 - Prevention of Dengue in Schools Through the 5's Strategies of Anti-Dengue CampaignDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-020 - Schools Division Online Reorientation on WASH in School Program (WinS)Download
DM_CID-2023-019 - LRMDS District Coordinators' Virtual Meeting on the Division Conduct of the Gawad Teodora Alonso 2023 (5th National Competition on Storybook Writing)Download
DM_CID-2023-018- Corrigendum to Regional Writeshop on Contextualizing the Curriculum for the Indegineous Peoples Education (IPED) Program (Indigenous, Knowledge, Systems, & Practices on Traditional Farming System)Download
DM_CID-2023-017 - Legal Clinic Caravan and Community-Based Dialogue on the Protection and Promotion of Indigenous Peoples Rights in the Province of ZambalesDownload
Memorandum - Additional Task of Concerned Administrative Officers (AO II) to Personnel SectionDownload
DM_OSDS-2023-020 - Comparative Assessment of Applicants for the Vacant Teachers II & III Positions for Elementary and Junior High SchoolDownload
Memorandum - Layouting and Finalization Workshop of Inclusive Education JournalDownload
DM_CID-2023-016 - Regional Writeshop on Contextualizing the Curriculum for the Indigenous Peoples Education (IPED) Program (Indigenous, Knowledge, Systems, & Practice on Traditional Farming System)Download
DM_SGOD-2023-019 - Dissemination of Online Survey on the Issues and Concerns in the Educational System and_or ProcessesDownload
DM_CID-2023-015 - Benchmarking on Program Implementation and Learning Resource Development for Indigenous People Education (IPED)Download
DM_OSDS-2023-019 - Funding Requirements for the Implementation of FY2022 Approved ERFs, Conversion to MT Positions and Reclassification of PositionsDownload
DM_CID-2023-014 - Corrigendum to Quality Assurance of Literature-based and Indigenized Lesson Plans in Araling Panlipunan Grades 1-3Download
DM_SGOD-2023-018 - Consultative Meeting on Child Protection ProgramDownload
DM_OSDS-2023-018 - Comparative assessment of Applicants for the Vacant Non-Teaching PositionsDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-017 - Kalinga Para sa Kalikasan: Tree Planting ActivityDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-016 - Symposium on Anti-trafficking in Persons to Teachers and StudentsDownload
DM_OSDS-2023-017 - Comparative Assessment of Applicants for Vacant Teaching PositionsDownload
DM_OSDS-2023-016 - Payment of CY 2023 Anniversary BonusDownload
DM_CID-2023-013 - Invitation as Evaluators/Judges in the Division Festival of TalentsDownload
DM-OSDS-2023-015 - Division Executive Committee (DEXECOM) MeetingDownload
DM_CID-2023-012 - GSP District Field Advisers' Basic and Outdoor Training/UpdatesDownload
DM_CID-2023-011 - Corrigendum to Division Memorandum CID-2023-009 "Invitation to Heraldry Lecture Series of National Historical Commission of the Philippines"Download
DM_OSDS-2023-013 - Payment of Salary Adjustments of Implemented ERFs, MTs and Reclassification of Positions in CY 2022Download
DM_OSDS-2023-012 - COA Entrance Conference for Audit of FY 2023 Accounts and TransactionsDownload
DM_OSDS-2023-011 - Submission of Funding Requirements for CY 2023 Terminal Leave Benefits and Loyalty PayDownload
DM_CID-2023-009 - Invitation to Heraldry Lecture Series of National Historical Commission of the PhilippinesDownload
DM_OSDS-2023-010 - Division Executive Committee (DEXECOM) MeetingDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-015 - Dissemination of Regional Memorandum No. 193, s. 2023 Titled Immersion Program For SPFL-Chinese Mandarin Teacher-Scholars of MAED CLTDownload
DM_OSDS-2023-009 - Orientation on Additional Maintenance and Other Operating ExpensesDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-014 - Undergraduate Scholarships in Science and Mathematics for Teacher EducationDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-013 - Poster-Making Contest of the Philippine Red Cross - Zambales ChapterDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-012 - Call for Nominations:2023 Nestle-Bear Brand Batang Matibay AwardsDownload
DM_CID-2023-007 - 41st GSP Zambales Provincial CampDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-010 - Participants for the 3rd National Barkada Kontra Droga ConventionDownload
DM_OSDS-2023-008 - Division Executive Committee (DEXECOM) MeetingDownload
DM_OSDS-2023-007 - Reassignment of Jessie D. Ferrer CESO V as the new Schools Division Superintendent of the Schools Division of ZambalesDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-009 - Conduct of Basic Life Support & First Aid TrainingDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-008 - Shooting for the Division Education Development Plan (DEDP) Briefer VideoDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-007 - Conduct of Initial Meeting for CLRAA 2023Download
DM_SGOD-2023-006 - Virtual Coordination Meeting of Select Division Federated Student Organizations (SPG, SSG, YES-O, BKD) Officers & Teacher-Advisers, Provincial KKDAT and Interact Clubs for SY 2022-2023Download
DM_OSDS-2023-006 - Document Evaluation and Interview for the Comparative Assessment of Applicants for Vacant PositionsDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-005 - Submission of FY 2022 Policy and Research Program Fund (PRPF) Completed Research OutputsDownload
DM_OSDS-2023-005 - Division Executive Committee (DEXECOM) MeetingDownload
DM_CID-2023-005 - Participants to the Focus Group Discussion on Issues, Challenges and Concerns that Impede Effective Learning in Math, Science, English, and Filipino for Key Stage 2Download
DM_SGOD-2023-004 - Dissemination of Online Survey Titled Love for the Craft - A Study of Job Satisfaction Among DepEd TeachersDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-003 - Dissemination of Memorandum DM-OUHROD-2023-0132 Titled Survey on the Revision of School Redistricting PolicyDownload
DM_CID-2023-004 - Submission of Quarterly ALS Teachers' ScheduleDownload
DM_OSDS-2023-004 - Submission of Monthly Budgetary ReportsDownload
DM_OSDS-2023-003 - Division Executive Committee (DEXECOM) MeetingDownload
DM_CID-2023-003 - Synchronous Quality Assurance of Regional Mid-Year Assessment ToolDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-002 - Distribution of Samsung Tablets to Elementary School Master Teacher IIDownload
DM_SGOD-2023-001 - Conduct of Emergency First Aid Training by Philippine Red CrossDownload
DM_OSDS-2023-002 - Consultative Meeting on the Utilization and Liquidation of FY 2023 Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) and Other FundsDownload
DM_CID-2023-002 - Focus Group Discussion on Issues, Challenges, and Concerns that Impede Effective Learning in Math, Science, English, Filipino, and Implementation of ALS and IPED ProgramsDownload
DM_OSDS-2023-001 - FY 2023 General Appropriation Act (GAA)Download
DM_CID-2023-001 - Distribution of Supplies and Equipment for MEP Implementing SchoolsDownload
TitleDownload Link
DM_SGOD-2022-017 - Addendum to Division Memorandum SGOD-2022-016 Titled "Conduct of Training on Foundational Course on Adolescent Health"Download
DM_SGOD-2022-016 - Conduct of Training on Foundational Course on Adolescent HealthDownload
DM_CID-2022-011 - Quality Assurance of Grade 5 Araling Panlipunan Storybooks on Indigenous Peoples' Cultural Standards Cum Regional Meeting of Division IPEd Focal PersonDownload
DM_SGOD-2022-015 - Approved Basic Education Research Proposals for Policy Research Program (PRP) FundingDownload
DM_CID-2022-010 - Preparation of Video Footage on ALS Testimonies - Success StoriesDownload
DM_SGOD-2022-014 - Participants to the Global Peace Leadership Conference 2022Download
DM_SGOD-2022-013 - Distribution of Weighing ScaleDownload
DM_SGOD-2022-012 - 2021 NQESH Focus Group DiscussionDownload
DM_SGOD-2022-011 - Global Peace Festival 2022Download
DM_SGOD-2022-010 - Finalization of the Division Education Development Plan (DEDP) Book FormDownload
DM_OSDS-2022-017 - Submission of FY 2023 Physical and Financial PlansDownload
DM_CID-2022-008 - Regional Diagnostic Assessment (RDA) Submission of Results and Related Reports
DM_CID-2022-007 - Online Regional Contextualization of the Curriculum for Indigenous Peoples Education Program (Grade 5 Araling Panlipunan)Download
MEMORANDUM- Additional Schedule of Concerned Administrative Officers (AO II) to HR Section.Download
DM_OSDS-2022-012 - Orientation on the Guidelines for the Deployment/Delivery of IT Packages under DepEd Computerization Program (DCP)Download
DM_CID-2022-006 - Online Kumustahan of Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao, Homeroom and Career Guidance District CoordinatorsDownload
DM_OSDS-2022-011 - Implementation of DM 269, s. 2022 Re: Revised Guidelines on the Routine Management Movement of Finance PersonnelDownload
DM_SGOD-2022-009 - Baseline Nutritional Assessment of LearnersDownload
DM_OSDSD-2022-010 - Online Validation or Assessment of the FY 2022 Mid-year Agency Performance of DepEd-Division of ZambalesDownload
DM_OSDS-2022-008 - Survey of Technical Assistance and Training Needs of Finance Personnel in Region IIIDownload
DM_SGOD-2022-007 - Conduct of Phase 3 of 2022 Schools Division Search for Most Outstanding Teachers and School HeadsDownload
DM_CID-2022-005 - Corrigendum to Online Regional Orientation on Indigenous Peoples Education ProgramDownload
DM_OSDS-2022-007 - Attendance to Online Workshop on the Resolution of Delinquent Provident Loans, Related COA Audit Observations, and Consolidation of Service Fees Collected by Implementing Units in Region IIIDownload
DM_OSDS-2022-006 - Special Meeting on the Implementation of DM 269, s. 2022Download
DM_CID-2022-004 - Online Regional Orientation of Indigenous Peoples Education ProgramDownload
DM_SGOD-2022-006 - Scholarship Programs of SEAMEO RELC for the Calendar Year 2023Download
DM_SGOD-2022-005 - Conduct of Focus Group Discussion (FGD) To Review the Gains and Challenges of the Pilot Implementation of Face-to-Face ClassesDownload
DM_SGOD-2022-004 - Institutionalization of DepEd Zambales School Health and Nutrition Program Online Reporting ProjectDownload
DM_OSDS-2022-005 - Deployment of Administrative Officers II, Administrative Assistants II & III Detailed in the Schools Division OfficeDownload
DM SGOD-2022-003 – Review and Evaluation of Submitted Research Outputs for Possible Publication in DepEd Zambales Research JournalDownload
DM SGOD-2022-002 – 2nd Quarter Awarding Ceremonies for Model Employees and Regional/National AwardsDownload
DM OSDS-2022-004 – Division Executive Committee (DEXECOM) MeetingDownload
DM CID-2022-001 – Technical Working Group’s Meeting for the Training-Workshop on Strategies in Teaching Phonological and Phonemic Awareness for Kindergarten TeachersDownload
DM OSDS-2022-003 – Meeting with Administrative Assistant III and II of Central Schools Regarding GSIS ReconciliationDownload
DM OSDS-2022-002 – Composition of the Committee on Decorum and Investigation (CODI)Download
DM SGOD-2022-001 – NQESH Examinees’ MeetingDownload
Memorandum – National Qualifying Examination for School Heads Mock TestDownload
Memorandum – Participation in the Implementation Survey for the Progressive Expansion of Face to Face (F2F) ClassesDownload
Memorandum - Issuance of Laptops to Select Members of LR Development TeamDownload
Memorandum – Participants to the Virtual Consultation Meeting on the Presentation of the Updated Draft General Mechanics for the Galaw Pilipinas Demonstration ContestDownload
Memorandum – District ALS Coordinator’s MeetingDownload
Memorandum – Multimedia Production on the Invitation to Present in the 2022 Research O’clock Episode 1Download
Memorandum – Planning Meeting on the Invitation to Present in the 2022 Research O’clock Episode 1Download
Memorandum – National Qualifying Examination for School Heads Review ClassDownload
Memorandum – Review of Professional Development Program ProposalsDownload
Memorandum – District Kindergarten Coordinators’ MeetingDownload
Memorandum – National Qualifying Examination for School Heads Review ClassDownload
Memorandum – Creation of AVP on Science Teaching-Learning Best Practices for the Second Regional Quarterly Meeting of the Division Science SupervisorsDownload
Memorandum – Creation of Zambales TPSLM Video Presentation for the Regional ColloquiumDownload
Memorandum – Implementation on the Release of Funds for Payment of Terminal Leave Benefits for the Remaining Months of CY 2022Download
Memorandum – SDO DesignationDownload
Memorandum – Submission Of The Name Of Learners Whose Parents Are Members Or Officials Of The Armed Forces Of The Philippines Or Philippine National Police Who Were Killed Or Wounded In ActionDownload
Memorandum – Online Validation Or Assessment Of The FY 2021 Year-End Agency Performance Of DepEd-Division Of ZambalesDownload
Memorandum – ALS MeetingDownload
Memorandum – Training-Workshop On Learning Management System (LMS) For CID PersonnelDownload
Memorandum – Training Program On School Leadership And Management (TPSLM) For Untrained School Heads Application Project Oral PresentationDownload
Memorandum – Submission Of Monthly Budgetary ReportsDownload
Memorandum – Conduct Of First Quarter Online Consultative ConferenceDownload
Memorandum – Transfer Of Learners For The Balik Probinsya, Bagong Pag-Asa (BP2) ProgramDownload
Memorandum – IPAO-Zambales Members Authority To Conduct Eye Examination To All DepEd PersonnelDownload
Memorandum – Schools Division Planning Meeting On The Development Of Bridging Primer For Grade 3Download
Memorandum – Crafting Of PDP Proposals With Regional EvaluatorsDownload
Memorandum – Distribution Of Drawing Tablets For IPEd LR IllustratorsDownload
Memorandum - Division Barkada Kontra Droga Program Database Data CollectionDownload
Memorandum - 1st Virtual Consultative Meeting of the Division Federated Youth for Environment in Schools Organization (YES-O) Officers and Teacher-Advisers SY 2021-2022Download
Memorandum – Regional Implementation On The Release Of Funds For Payment Of Terminal Leave Benefits For CY 2022Download
Memorandum – 1st Virtual Consultative Meeting Of The Division Federated Supreme Pupil/Student Government (DFSPG/DFSSG) Officers And Teacher- Advisers SY 2021-2022Download
Memorandum – Legal Opinion Of The Regional Office Dated January 18, 2022 Re: Refusal Of DepEd Personnel To Undergo RT PCR TestingDownload
Memorandum – Distribution Of Supplies And Materials For MEP Implementing Schools And School Supplies And Health Kits For IP Learners Of The First Batch Of The Pilot Limited Face-To-Face Classes Implementing SchoolsDownload
Memorandum – Uploading Of Learning Progress Checklists (LPCs) For Quarter 3 and 4, SY 2021-2022Download
Memorandum – Dissemination Of Covid-19 Comics Through Posting In Official Social Media PagesDownload
TitleDownload Link
Memorandum – Submission of Budgetary Reports For The Period Ending December 31, 2021Download
Memorandum – Pooling of FY 2021 Personnel Services (PS) Savings and Reallocation to Implementing Units with PS DeficiencyDownload
Memorandum – Celebration of the First Gabaldon Heritage Week on December 13-23, 2021Download
Memorandum – Paper Screening, Validation And Interview For 2021 Schools Division Search For Outstanding Teaching And Non-Teaching Personnel And Gantimpala AwardsDownload
Memorandum - Submission of Focus MELCs Learning Resources InventoryDownload
Memorandum - Focused Supervision Of Limited Face-to-Face Classes ImplementationDownload
Memorandum - Request For Comments On The Guidelines On Child Online Protection: Child Safeguarding For ICT And Social Media From Teachers, Parents and LearnersDownload
Memorandum - Orientation And Provision Of Technical Assistance To The Pilot Implementers of Limited Face-To-Face / Blended LDM On Curriculum ConcernsDownload
Memorandum - Virtual Re-Orientation Of The Preparation Of FY 2022 Budget Execution Documents (BEDs)Download
Memorandum - Conduct of Consultative Meeting on Budgetary ConcernsDownload
Memorandum - Reiteration of the Deadline for Submission of Agency Requests for the Release of Additional Funds Requiring the Issuance of SARO/NCADownload
Memorandum - Virtual MeetingDownload
Memorandum - Online Validation of the FY 2021 Mid-year Agency Performance of Department of Education- Schools Division of ZambalesDownload
Memorandum - Implementation Arrangement on the Grant for the World Teachers’ Day Incentive Benefit for FY 2021Download
Memorandum - 2021 Education Innovation Conference (Awards Ceremony of the Search for Best Innovations in EducationDownload
Memorandum - Schedule of Concerned Administrative Officers (AO II) to SDO HR SectionDownload
Memorandum - Utilization of HRD Fund in NEAP-PDP Project ProposalsDownload
Memorandum - Extension of the Deadline for Submission of Entries to OUA ContestsDownload
Memorandum - Technical Working Group of GAWAD SIKLAB 2021 National FinalistDownload
Memorandum - CY 2021 Midyear Consultative Meeting of FASS Accountants/Senior Bookkeepers and SDO Accounting PersonnelDownload
Memorandum - CY 2021 Midyear Consultative Meeting of Clustered School ADAS and SDO Accounting PersonnelDownload
Memorandum - Allocation of Program Support Fund to Selected Gulayan sa Paaralan Program (GPP) Implementers for FY 2021Download
Memorandum - Gabaldon Schoolhouse Contest 2021Download
Memorandum - Implementation of the Online Release of Digital Special Allotment Release Order (SARO) through the DBM SARO ViewerDownload
Memorandum - Review and Compliance Committee for the Statement of Assets, Liabilities and NetworthDownload
Memorandum - Creation of TWG’s for the Management and Reconciliation of Department of Education’s GSIS Alleged Premium DeficienciesDownload
Memorandum - Kabataan at Kasarinlan: The Philippine Independence Day Youth CampaignDownload
Memorandum - Designation of Schools Division Testing CoordinatorDownload
Memorandum - Timely Submission of Accurate FY 2021 Budget and Financial Accountability Reports (BFARs)Download
Memorandum - Back to School: A Million Flower Bloom ProjectDownload
Memorandum - Conduct of Project Ka-Date: Kabataan Ayaw sa Droga at Terorismo Virtual Regional Symposium on Illegal Drugs and TerrorismDownload
Memorandum - Development of MTB-MLE Video Recorded LessonsDownload
Memorandum - Alternative Work Arrangement in the Schools Division OfficeDownload
Memorandum - Reassignment of Dr. Romeo M. Alip as the new Schools Division Superintendent of the Schools Division of ZambalesDownload
Memorandum - Gulayan sa Paaralan Program (GPP) SeminarDownload
Memorandum - Submission of FY 2020 Financial StatementsDownload
Memorandum - Webinar on Financial Literacy for TeachersDownload
Memorandum - Schools Inside A Garden (SIGA) Pilot Implementation SY 2020-2021Download
Memorandum - Auckland University of Technology and Angeles University Foundation Online Research StudyDownload
Memorandum - Notice of MeetingDownload