TitleDownload Link
RM No. 254, s. 2023 - Dissemination of Memorandum DM-CT-2023-126, dated May 26, 2023 Re_Request to Disseminate Information on the First Philippine Book FestivalDownload
RM No. 237, s.2023- Reiterating the Constitutional Right of the Department of Education Personnel and Students to Free Exercise of ReligionDownload
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RM No. 416, s. 2022 – Pagpapalaganap ng Memorandum DM-CI-2022-00263, na may Petsa na Hulyo 14, 2022, na Pinamagatang: Panawagan sa Paglahok sa Pagsulat ng sanaysay at Pagsulat ng Malayang TulaDownload
RM No. 364, s. 2022 – Dissemination of Advisory, Dated June 27, 2022, Re: Link for Senior High School Curriculum Exits Tracking SystemDownload
RM No. 352, s. 2022 – Winners of Various Awards and Recognition from the Department of Education Central OfficeDownload
RM No. 341, s. 2022 - Reiteration Of DepEd Memorandum No. 43 S. 2022 Or The Conduct Of The K To 12 Basic Education Program End Of School Year Rites For School Year 2021-2022 In Light Of The Covid-19 PublicDownload
RM No. 339, s. 2022 – Participation in the Week-Long Activities in Celebration of the Department of Education’s 124th Founding AnniversaryDownload
RM No. 281, s. 2022 – Corrigendum to Regional Memorandum 271, s. 2022Download
RM No. 177, s. 2022 – Reiteration Of DepEd Policies On Electioneering And Partisan Political ActivitiesDownload
RM No. 117, s. 2022 – Adobe Creative Educators (ACE) Level 1 Teacher – Passers For Region IIIDownload
RM No. 116, s. 2022 – Call To Action To Expedite Distribution Of Microsoft 365 (M365) Learner’s AccountsDownload
RM No. 114, s. 2022 – Winners Of The First Central Luzon Information Channel and Keystone (CLICK) Awards and Recognition ProgramDownload
RM No. 096, s. 2022 – General Information On The Google Meet Recording Feature And A Call To Action To Utilize Microsoft Teams As The Online Platform In Conducting Virtual ActivitiesDownload
RM No. 080, s. 2022- Conduct of a Search for Student Scholars of Bataan High School for the Arts SY 2022-2023
RM No. 052, s.2021- Regional Guidelines on the Issuance and Accountability of Parent Guardian for the Borrowed ICT Devices and Other Related Matters
RM No. 051, s. 2022 – Dissemination Of Advisory, Dated January 18, 2022, Re: 26th National Autism Consciousness Week CelebrationDownload
RM No. 021, s. 2022 – Dissemination Of Memorandum OUA Memo 00-0122-0026, Dated January 7, 2022, Re: The Use Of Android-Based Electronic Self-Learning Modules And Digitization Of Gamified Resources (Webinar Session #1)Download
RM No. 0104, s. 2022 – Invitation to Participate in a Virtual Flag CeremonyDownload
TitleDownload Link
RM No. 646, s. 2021 – Dissemination Of Advisory Dated November 18, 2021, Relative To The Homeroom Guidance Letter Grade That Should Not Be Reflected In The SF-9 (Report Card) And SF-10 (Form 137)Download
RM No. 592, s. 2021 – Updates On The Access To The DepEd Microsoft Center For Central LuzonDownload
RM No. 587, s. 2021 – Dissemination Of Memorandum DM-OUCI-2021-536, Dated November 15, 2021, Re: Assistance To The Philippine Blind Union (PBU) Regarding The Phone Project For Grades 7-12 Learners With Visual ImpairmentDownload
RM No. 581, s. 2021 – Staging of the 2nd Regional School-Based Management Congress Regional Awarding for SBM Accreditation and Sustainability for Technical Assistance Provision cum Launching of the SBM PortalDownload
RM No. 540, s. 2021 – Celebration Of The World Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Week 2021Download

RM No. 538, s. 2021 – Dissemination Of Memorandum DM-OUCI-2021-478, Dated October 25, 2021, Re: Request To Participate In The Panel Discussion On The Future Of Education Beyond The New Normal Forum
RM No. 523, s. 2021 – Submission Of W.A.T.C.H Club And Other W.A.T.C.H Reports And National Awarding For The Best School ImplementersDownload
RM No. 491, s. 2021 – Observance Of 2021: Year Of Filipino Pre-Colonial AncestorsDownload

RM No. 374, s. 2021-Unsung Sariling Bayani USB Shorty Film Competition

RM No. 376, s. 2021-Dissemination of Memorandum DM OUCI 2021-345 dated Aug. 23-2021 re Online Survey on Senior High-School Explainer Video Career Guidance Material for Grade 10 Learners
RM No. 380, s. 2021 – DepEd Microsoft Center for Central LuzonDownload

RM No. 344, s. 2021-Dissemination of OUA Memo 000-0821-0114 dated Aug.11, 2021 re: DepEd ETULAY Awards
RM No. 337, s. 2021 – Dissemination of Memorandum Dated August 6, s. 2021, re: SEAMEO TED Survey on ICT Needs Assessment for TVET Teachers in SEAMEO Member CountriesDownload
RM No. 231, s. 2021 – Diseminasyon ng Memorandum DM-OUCI-2021-216, Petsa Hunyo 7, 2021, Tungkol sa Panawagan sa mga Gurong Mananaliksik sa Filipino para sa Programang Filipino E-TaguyodDownload

RM No. 220, s. 2021 – Dissemination of Memorandum OUA Memo 00-0621-0111, dated June 11, 2021, re: Airing of DepEd TV Episodes on 14-19 June 2021
RM No. 205, s. 2021 – Dissemination of Memorandum DM-OUCI-2021-194, dated June 3, 2021 re: Additional DepEd Teachers Episodes for SY 2020-2021 and during the School BreakDownload
RM No. 198, s. 2021 – Dissemination of Memorandum OUA Memo 00-0621-0017, dated June 2, 2021, re: Airing of DepEd TV Episodes on 07-12 June 2021Download
RM No. 196, s. 2021 – Preparedness Measures for the Rainy SeasonDownload
RM No. 182, s. 2021 – Dissemination of Aide Memoire Dated May 24, 2021, re: Towards Gainful Employment: Bridging the Gap Between SHS Graduates and the Government, Industry and Business SectorsDownload
RM No. 181, s. 2021 – Dissemination of OUA Memo 00-0521-0169, dated May 24, 2021 re: Corrigendum to OUA Memo 00-0521-0017 Regarding the Airing of DepEd TV Episodes on 24-29 May 2021Download
RM No. 180, s. 2021 – Dissemination of OUA Memo 00-0521-01065m, dated May 25, 2021, re: Training on Building an Impactful Resume and Online Professional Brand for Grade 12 Learners and TeachersDownload
RM No.172, s. 2021- Request for Information Dissemination of the Survey on Learning Mathematics for Students with Special NeedsDownload
RM No.171, s. 2021-Dissemination of Memorandum OUA MEMO 00-0521-0117 dated May 11 2021 re Airing of DepEd TV Episodes on 24-29 May-2021Download
RM No. 158, s. 2021 – Dissemination of Aide Memoire Dated May 6, 2021 Re: DepEd’s ‘ETULAY’ Online Tutorials: A way to Upgrade Teachers’ InstructionDownload
RM No. 110, s. 2021 – LDM Certificates and Other Updates From the NEAPCODownload
RM No. 097, s. 2021 – Guidance on Requests from LGUs on the use of DepEd Facilities as COVID-19 Quarantine, Isolation, or Vaccination CenterDownload
RM No. 059, s. 2021 – Regional Implementation on the Reclassification of Head Teacher Position and Principal I PositionDownload
RM No. 031, s. 2021 – The FY 2021 Regional Field Technical Assistance TeamDownload