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Schools Division Research Policies 2015 -2016Download
Schools Division Research AgendaDownload
Research Calendar 2016 TentativeDownload
Facilitating the Approval of Action Research ProposalsDownload
DepEd Zambales Research JournalDownload
Bases for Action Research Topics / TitlesDownload
AR Stationery 2 for SDO Personnel including Instructional Supervisors (EPSs/PSDSs) for their Action ResearchDownload
AR Stationery 1 for Teachers , School Heads and Non- Teaching Personnel in SchoolDownload
AR FormatDownload
AR Format for Action Research Proposal OutlineDownload
AR Form 2B Completed Action Research SheetDownload
AR Form 2A Completed Action ResearchDownload
AR Form 1C Action Research Proposal SheetDownload
AR Form 1B Action Research Proposal SheetDownload
AR Form 1A Action Research Proposal SheetDownload