Municipality School ID Name of School Permit No. Courses Offered
Subic 347487 Smart Achievers Academy- Subic, Inc. SHSP No. 476,s. 2015 GAS, ABM, HUMSS
Subic   Best Freeport Colleges, Inc.  SHSP No. 315,s. 2015 STEM, ABM, HUMSSHE (Food and Beverage Services, Housekeeping, Tour Guiding Services, Cookery)ICT (Computer Programming)
Subic 347489 St. James School of Subic, Inc.  SHSP No. 293,s. 2015 GAS, STEM, ABM, HUMSS
Subic 347482 Saint Anthony’s School of Matain, Inc.  SHSP No. 314,s. 2015 HUMSS, ABM
Castillejos 347491 St. Nicholas Academy of Castillejos, Inc. SHSP No. 561,s. 2015 HUMSS
Castillejos 347491 St. Nicholas Academy of Castillejos, Inc.  SHSP No. 300,s. 2015 GAS, STEM, ABMICT (Computer Programming)HE (Food and Beverage Services, Bread and Pastry Production and Housekeeping)
San Marcelino 377484 Saint William’s School of San Marcelino, Inc. SHSP No. 298,s. 2015 GAS, STEM and ABM
San Antonio 349494 Hildegarde Von Bingen Academy SHSP No.499,s. 2015 STEM, ABM
San Antonio 347494 T.R. Yangco Educational Institute  SHSP No. 314,s. 2015 STEM, GASICT (Computer Programming)
San Narciso 347477 Magsaysay Memorial College  SHSP No. 292,s. 2015 GAS, STEM, ABM, HUMSSICT (Computer Programming)HE (Food and Beverage Services, Bread and pastry Production, Housekeeping, Tour Guiding Services and Cookery)
San Narciso 347495 Zambales Academy  SHSP No. 285,s. 2015 ABMICT (Computer hardware Servicing and Consumer Electronics)HE (Food and Beverage Services)


San Felipe 347483 Saint Columban’s Montessori School  SHSP No. 477,s. 2015 STEM, ABMICT (Computer Hardware Servicing, Computer Programming, Web Page Design and Animation)
San Felipe 349496 Technological College of San Felipe  SHSP No. 383,s. 2015 HE (Food and Beverage Services, Housekeeping and Tourism Promotion Services)IA (Consumer Electronics Servicing)
San Felipe 347496 Zambales Central Institute  SHSP No. 271,s. 2015 STEM, ABM, HUMSSICT (Computer Programming and Technical Drafting)HE (Food and Beverage Services, Bartending, Front Office Services and Housekeeping)
Cabangan 347475 Immaculate Conception Academy  SHSP No. 279,s. 2015 GAS, STEM, ABM, HUMSSHE (Caregiving, Food and Beverage Services, Bread and Pastry Production and Housekeeping)AFA (Crop Production)
Botolan 349495 Lyceum of Western Luzon – Zambales, Inc. SHSP No. 445,s. 2015 GAS, STEM, ABM and HUMSSICT (Computer Programming)HE (Bread and Pastry Production, Housekeeping, Attraction and Theme Parks Services, Tourism Promotion Services, Food and Beverages Services)
Botolan 347493 Sta. Monica Parochial School SHSP No. 278,s. 2015 GAS, ABM
Iba 347488 St. Augustine’s School  SHSP No. 275,s. 2015 STEM, ABMICT (Computer Programming, Computer Hardware Servicing and Animation)
  347471 Botolan Community College  SHSP No. 117,s. 2015 STEM, ABM, HUMSSHE (Beauty and Nail Care NCII, Cookery NC II, Front Services, Housekeeping NC II, Food and Beverages NC II)ICT (Computer Hardware Servicing NC II, Animation NC II, Computer Programming NC II, Illustration NC II, Technical Drafting NC II)

IA (Automotive Servicing)

Iba 347478 Micro Asia College of Science and Technology  SHSP No. 277,s. 2015 GAS, STEM, ABM, HUMSSICT (Computer Hardware Servicing and Technical Drafting)HE (Bread and Pastry Production, Cookery, Commercial Cooking, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage Services and Bartending)
Iba 347481 Ramon Magsaysay Technological University – Iba  SHSP No. 079,s. 2015 HUMSS, ABM, STEMICT (Computer Programming)HE (Food and Beverage Services)

IA (Electrical Installation and Maintenance, Drafting, Shielded Metal Arc Welding)
AFA (Agricultural Crop Production)

Palauig 347472 Carmel Academy SHSP No. 273,s. 2015 ABMHE (Food and Beverage Services)
Palauig 347480 Palawig Academy SHSP No. 273,s. 2015  
Masinloc 347485 San Andres School of Masinloc SHSP No. 272,s. 2015 STEMHE (Cookery, Food and Beverage Services and Bartending)
Masinloc 347479 Northern Zambales College, Inc.  SHSP No. 152,s. 2015 ABM,HE (Housekeeping, Food and Beverage Services, tailoring and Dressmaking)ICT (Computer Hardware Services and Computer Programming)

IA (Electrical Installation and Maintenance and Shielded Metal Arc Welding)

Masinloc 347479 Northern Zambales College, Inc. SHSP No. 560,s. 2015 HUMSS, STEM
Masinloc 349497 World Peace Thru Education Foundation  SHSP No. 384,s. 2015 HE (Food and Beverage Services and Housekeeping)IA (Consumer Electronics Servicing and Electrical Installation and Maintenance)
Candelaria 347492 St. Vincent’s Academy  SHSP No. 276,s. 2015 GAS, STEMICT (Computer Hardware Servicing and Computer Programming)HE (Food and Beverage Services, Front Office Services, Commercial Cooking and Housekeeping)
Sta. Cruz 347490 St. Michael School of Santa Cruz Zambales, Inc. SHSP No. 475,s. 2015 Arts and Design (Arts Production (Visual Arts)
Sta. Cruz 347486 Sta. Cruz Academy  SHSP No. 274,s. 2015 ABM, STEM, HUMSSHE (Wellness Massage, Beauty/ Nail Care, Hairdressing (NCII), Dressmaking/ Tailoring, Bread and Pastry, Cookery)ICT (Technical Drafting)

IA (Electrical Installation and Maintenance)

Sta. Cruz 347474 Columban College  SHSP No. 081,s. 2015 ABM, STEM, HUMSSHE (Food and Beverage Services NCII, Bread and Pastry NC II, Cookery NC II)ICT (Computer Hardware Servicing, Computer Programming)
Sta. Cruz   Micro Asia College of Science and Technology, Inc. – Sta. Cruz SHSP No. 614,s. 2015 HE (Bread and Pastry Production, Food and Beverage Services, Cookery, Housekeeping, Bartending)ICT (Computer Hardware Servicing, Computer Programming, Technical Drafting)
Subic   Saint Francis Learning Center Foundation, Inc. 


SHSP No. 666,s. 2015 GAS, ABMHE (Bread and Pastry Production, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage Services)IA (Consumer Electronics Servicing, Electrical Installation and Maintenance, Shielded Metal Arc Welding)